This Was Posted Using Microsoft Word 2007


(Believe it or not.)

After downloading the Beta 2 release of Office 2007, one of the new features I wanted to immediately try out was blog posting via Word. Mainly because I wanted to laugh long and hard at Microsoft for a) providing a HORRIBLE word processing tool and b) not allowing access to anything but Microsoft online blogging tools.

Whoops…hang on while I get my foot out of my mouth.

There we go.

So, not only has Microsoft Word completely blown me away – mainly by not irritating the living crap out of me thus far – but the online help for Word provides me with the information I need in order to establish a blogging connection with (As well as dasBlog, LiveJournal, and TypePad. The defaults are MSN Spaces and Blogger among others.)

To be perfectly honest, I’m typing a somewhat positive review without even knowing how this will work out in the end. Will text be missing? Will the title not show up? Will the font size or formatting totally be off? Needless to say, I’ll be launching WordPress in the browser immediately after posting this and see what happens…I’ll then update the post with what I find.

Give the new Office a try, though, I’m quite pleased. It’s more than just a fancier look, people…there’s a lot of improvement here. Especially in Word. The real test comes when I actually have to edit an entire document with lists, bullets, indentions, etc. Then I’ll be looking at how Word exports HTML…this has always been a complete JOKE in the past.


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