Thank you, Flock.

After searching various sites and browsing eBay for what seemed like months (when, in fact, it was only about a week and a half) I finally found my key to the wonderful world of – the Flock web browser.  After starting out as Round Two, a company dedicated to developing extensions for a little known Web browser called Firefox, the developers behind Flock decided to take it a bit further and develop a browser based on Firefox itself that would make me want to never leave my computer – and would eventually lead me to create a blog using the miracle that is WordPress.  Using a special link in the Flock welcome page, I created the Fans of Tech weblog hosted at  Thus starting a revolution.

Visit often.  This whole “internet” thing isn’t just a fad anymore. 



3 Responses to “Thank you, Flock.”

  1. lukanium Says:

    me, too. By using Flock, I can save time to publish !Happy to read your post !

  2. qchem Says:

    Yet another finder of flock = new wordpress addict here too!!

  3. Fans of Tech » Flock Beta 1 Now Available Says:

    […] Oh, and I must mention that, without Flock, I may not have ever gotten around to my first post here at WordPress.  You see, when first launched, the only way you could get an account (with the exception of a very rare invite) was by downloading Flock.  I don’t regret that download one bit.  I found my browser and blogging software of choice that day.  […]

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