meebo, meebo, meebo!

This particular post is going to be about a little piece of Webware (software for the Web) called meebo.  Meebo is an online-based instant messaging client similar to the Gaim and Trillian desktop IM clients. As with these programs, meebo is a gateway to four different IM protocols including AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, and Jabber/Google Talk. What’s unique about meebo, besides its’ amazing use of AJAX, is the fact that there’s no need to install anything…ever. The only thing you need is a username and password and your browser (we proudly recommend Firefox.)

This isn’t necessarily a tutorial but I would like to take a moment to tell you how exactly meebo works. Meebo’s home page provides four different username and password fields for each of the four previously mentioned IM clients. Upon signing in, you are simulatneously logged in to each IM service giving you a window inside your browser window (most cool) containing your “buddy” list for each IM service. In Firefox, the tab that contains the meebo page displays a new instant message text to let you know that a new message has arrived. You can find me on the Google Talk protocol: fansoftech at

There are no animated smilies, no file transfers, no voice or video chat but just in case you’re still wondering what the big deal is…I’ll tell you: meebo is wherever you are. An internet cafe isn’t going to allow you to install your favorite IM application when you come in. Your system administrator at work more than likely isn’t going to allow you to install nearly five different applications (many consider AIM to be the closest thing to an actual virus) just so you can chat all day long with people on multiple instant message protocols. And, if those don’t really apply to you, just think of your system registry for once!! (Only applies to Windows users.) “Won’t someone please think of the registry?!”

I think the people at meebo are onto something here and I hope you’ll check them out.

Also, with any new up-and-coming Web 2.0 start, meebo has a forum and a blog set up where you can, respectively, post your opinions and suggestions (trust me…they read them) and read about what’s new.

Happy IM-ing!


*Correction from a user at the Meebo forum…meebo does have animated smilies!

*Another correction from that user at the “Meebo” forum…meebo is not capitalized!  😉 


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