WordPress 2.0 is Officially Released

The open-source, PHP/MySQL-based blogging software we’ve all come to love has officially released the next part of the “Strayhorn” series of releases: the loooooong-awaited 2.0. With the new release comes a re-designed Web site as well. Check out both at http://www.wordpress.org.

Once I get my hosting together, I’ll be moving Fans of Tech BACK over to my own domain (www.fansoftech.com) and I will be working with this new release of WordPress to get it up and running.

My move to WordPress.com came about for two reasons. First, I had an immediate desire to switch over from the Nucleus blogging platform. No complaints, really, as it had a plethora of cool features but I guess I just wasn’t impressed with the interface – at all. Second, I was DYING to give the invitation-only WordPress.com a try. I figured that I could do a temporary switch and then I could move FoT back to my own home once I got settled in with a custom install of WordPress after I got my own hosting situation worked out and after WP released 2.0.


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