Google Analytics Down…Again

For the past few hours, Google has displayed the following message after logging into Analytics:

“Google Analytics reporting is currently undergoing maintenance and will be available shortly. Your site traffic is being logged and you will be able to see the data after system maintenance has concluded.”

Now, I was blown away when Google gave me the power of Urchin (v6) as a completely FREE web-based solution for my site’s stats but they’ve certainly had their share of issues.  Getting my first stats took almost a week and then they quickly took away new sign-ups as well as the option to add new domains to existing users’ accounts (which they just recently started allowing within the past couple of weeks – up to 5 profiles) as well as a few of these “Maintenance” messages since the grand premiere of Analytics.  And it’s not even Beta.  I’ve been seriously studying data from the program over the past week or so and I’ve been thoroughly impressed and, therefore, gracious that it’s 100% free but they’ve certainly got some work to do.  This doesn’t mean I won’t recommend it, though – in the least bit.  If you haven’t signed up for Google’s Analytics then I suggest you enter your e-mail address to get signed up for product availability updates.
Also, I’ll be posting a thorough review of Analytics within the next few weeks.


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