Google Video Down Already?

A quick visit to Google’s “Video Store” reveals no “for sale” videos such as the ones touted at CES (e.g., CSI, Star Trek, or even the NBA games.) First off, I feel as though this was a pretty weak delivery. The store wasn’t even available when the announcement came and didn’t go online until about 3 days afterwards and then, two days later, it’s down. I feel as though once more stations/production companies get on board this will be an AMAZING system from which to get new video content but it’s extremely weak right now…and not even available.

As much as I loathe Apple and the iTunes/iPod movement, I must say that the video store they announced and delivered was immediately available with some pretty decent content and they lined up several new providers within the first two weeks. Overall, it has been a much better product than the Google Video Store…at least thus far.

Anyone else agree?

(Oh, and the Google Pack announcement that arrived along with Video was pretty weak too. A pack of software titles that already existed that many people already had? C’mon…where’s the inventive Google of 2002-2005?)

Update: The Video Store seems to be back up along with all of the CBS content that went live with it. Nevertheless, I still stand by my comments.

Update: It seems to be down again.  This is fun.  Probably not for Google engineers, though.


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