FolderShare – An Excellent, Free Utility from Microsoft

As of November 3rd, 2004, the FolderShare utility was set free (as in $0) by the company that had acquired the start-up: Microsoft.  FolderShare, for those of you who don’t know, is a utility that sits in your system tray and synchronizes any file(s) of your choice between, say, your personal computer, your laptop, and your work computer.  The files are synchronized online as well so that a) you don’t have to have all computers online at the same time and b) so that you can access those files even on the road.  In order for this to work, though, each computer has to have the utility installed.  No need to fret about memory usage because the footprint is quite small – I haven’t even really noticed it and I’ve had it installed on three machines for about three months now.  I highly recommend it as it has come in handy countless times already.


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