First Vista, Then Windows Vienna

The codename for Microsoft’s OS follow-up to Windows Vista has officially changed…presenting: Windows Vienna (formerly Windows Blackcomb.) The amount of details surrounding the new OS are 100% sketchy at best but has a bit of info regarding the new release:

“While Windows Vista is intended to be a technologies-based release, with some UI changes (in the form of the Aero set of technologies and guidelines), Vienna is targeted directly at revolutionizing the way we interact with our home and office PCs.

For instance, the ‘Start’ philosophy, introduced in Windows 95, may be completely replaced by a ‘new interface’ which was said in 1999 to be scheduled for Blackcomb, before being moved to the Longhorn project, and then back to Blackcomb. The interface involved some ideas based upon truely 3D Windows and an intergration of what is now known as Sidebar.”

For now, though, I’m going to concentrate on the sketchy details of Windows Vista which is still an eternity (okay, fiine, 7-8 months) away.


One Response to “First Vista, Then Windows Vienna”

  1. Das Schandblatt Says:

    Vienna und Microsoft

    Erst vor kurzem sorgte der geplante Umstieg von Windows auf Linux der Wiener Behörden für weltweites Feedback.
    Aber was ich eben erst  jetzt lesen darf, das macht die Geschichte noch um einiges interessanter:
    Der Nachfolger von Windows Vista, der de…

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