Imation Acquires Memorex is reporting that Imation has agreed to purchase Memorex for $330 million.  That’s a decent amount of change but I was actually expecting it to be more when I read the headline of the article.  That’s a fairly big move as Memorex has long been well-known in the field of cheap digital media and (dare I say crappy) electronics such as TVs, DVD players, and more.

I’ll sometimes pick up some Memorex media but the main thing I remember about Memorex is getting my first multi-pack of CDRs a decade ago (or somewhere along there) and having about 3 out of 10 fail on me….and that was back when they were more than a buck a piece.  Granted, that was probably due to my Acer drive at the time but I always associated it with the media.  I have yet to have any other problems with Memorex discs, though.


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