ZDNet Stumbles Across Secret Google Service?

Russell Shaw at ZDNet Blogs is claiming to have “discovered” an as-yet-unannounced Google service at http://www.google.com/gwt/n. Sure enough, there’s something there and it has no Google logo along with a bland page title of “Enter a URL.” The service is aimed at mobile device users (or dial-up users) and enables you to display any page on the Web with only text. Sure, I’ve stumbled on services like this before but this one is definitley the simplest. Take a look at these screenshots: one, two, and three. Even with “Show images” unchecked, you still don’t get any CSS, ads, or interface images but you do get content images (such as images in blog entries)….I may be using this quite a bit, actually.Check the service out here or read the story over at ZDNet.


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