Google Enhances Earth

(I bet you didn’t know what to expect from that subject line, did ya?)

Google’s Official Blog states that the Earth & Local teams have made updates to their products.  First, the Google Earth team have added “extensive 6-inch imagery for many parts of the U.K.”  Second, Google Local now has the satellite imagery that has been available in Earth for so long.  (Two more zoom levels – it is a nice difference in a lot of areas.)

Read this blog entry and others at

I believe this will be the year Google plays catch-up.  They’ve had all of these nice and pleasant utilities out for so long that Yahoo!, MS, and others are now starting to catch up with them and exceed them in some cases.  I think 2006 will be the year that Google takes each of their products several steps forward.  After all, they did just recently add a delete button to their Web mail application didn’t they?

Whew…they’ve got a long way to go.


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