Google Partners with ZAAZ for Additional “Analytics” Services”

Google has chosen ZAAZ, a “leading web design and analytics agency,” to provide additional reporting options to Google Analytics customers.  From the ZAAZ announcement page:

“Google Analytics is a powerful standalone tool, but today marketers are seeking more – they need help in understanding how to decipher and more effectively use web analytics to identify opportunities for improvement and act on the findings. We are pleased to partner with Google to provide our comprehensive range of services to their enterprise Google Analytics clients.

Our team of web analysis experts provides consulting, training and best practices for Google Analytics and other leading web analytics tools such as WebTrends and Omniture. Whether your company needs better insight into web site performance, marketing campaigns or other behavioral metrics, we can help you make sense of all the data and ultimately improve your results.” 

Google is expected to announce the partnership later today and because I know that you’re on pins and needles just waiting for this announcement here is where you can find Google’s Press Releases:

I’m still trying to figure out how to configure subdomains with my Analytics profile so I don’t think I’ll be visiting ZAAZ anytime soon.  (They sure do have a pretty lookin’ site, though.)


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