Google Rumor #6,927,973

We’re about to hit 7 million, people! Whoo-hoo!


The latest Google rumor comes from Reuters and the TimesOnline this morning, both of which are reporting that Google is in talks to acquire Napster. Meanwhile, both Google and Napster vehemently deny any such acquisition.

In fact, a statement coming directly from Napster on Jan. 23rd stated the following:

“The company is not looking to be sold, the management is not looking to step out. It’s simply not true.”

That doesn’t really seem to be leaving room for any takeover.

Frankly, it makes sense for Google to enter the music market seeing as how it just entered the video market and they already have a domain set up for any such store… Also, I would love it if Google would buy up Napster and actually make the service a bit more usable. I’m not a big fan of the Napster application, currently in version 2.5. I am, however, a big fan of the subscription music model.

Any updates to the “developing story” will be posted here.

Update: This has since been denied by none other than Google themselves.  Thanks, iansuri.


2 Responses to “Google Rumor #6,927,973”

  1. iansuri Says:

    Update: DISPROVED

    Just thought I’d let ya in.

    You can

  2. beserra Says:

    witty blog!

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