Google Releases Desktop 3.0 BETA

The Official Google Desktop Blog writes to tell us all that a BETA version of the latest Google Desktop release, 3.0, is now available. New features include:

  • An Updated Sidebar. The new sidebar allows you to move sidebar panels anywhere on your desktop as well as enabling you to share content within each panel to other users via e-mail.
  • Search Across Computers. There’s not much more to say because this is pretty much self-explanatory. This feature just basically allows you to search content on other computers. According to the features page, “Search Across Computers enables you to search your documents and viewed web pages across all your computers. For example, you could find files you edited on your desktop from your laptop. To activate this feature, you will need a Google Account (the same login you use for Gmail, Orkut, or other Google services). Remember, to search your other computers you must also install Google Desktop on them as well as enable the Search Across Computers preference using the same Google Account on each one.

Other features, according to the blog entry, include a Search Lock (which allows you to prevent anyone else from doing a desktop search on your PC), an Advanced Search page, as well as an updated Preferences page with many more options. They have also released an updated API so developers can take advantage of all of these new features.

Update: Reuters has an interesting article (which you can read here) on how this latest release of Google Desktop is slowly threatening Microsoft’s desktop dominance.


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