I’m done with Geeks.com

I’ve had my last bad experience with Computer Geeks, the online store for computer hardware, software, accessories and more.  Sure, they my lure you in with with $3 off a $47 product every now and then but their warranties are wretched, their hold times are downright harsh, and their RMA process takes entirely too long to complete.  I’m not trying to sway you to somewhere else or telling you not to shop there but give it some thought…all of the “cool” items that are way too cheap wind up completely sucking…for lack of a better word.  Seriously, if you find a really good deal on a hard drive or a case for your PC or whatever else, odds are it was probably built by hobos and will only last you about 1-2 months – max.  Oh, and the products that are sent to you…it was all probably packaged by hobos as well.  I’m fairly certain they go through a highly unorthodox way of recycling for their shipping materials.

One time they had a free shipping offer.  It turns out that the free shipping was not their usual FedEx Ground service but, to save money, it wound up being the FedEx Home service.  I was not notified of that change.  Instead, I found the box containing about $100 worth of materials laying outside of my office building in a rough side of town completely exposed to all of the other building tenants as well as anybody else walking around the area.  FedEx Home does not deliver to businesses and does not require signatures.  That would have been nice to know.  Fortunately, no one had stolen the packages nor had it rained that night.  Fortunately.

Their daily “sales” now just aren’t worth it to me.  If I have to return it, give me more than a few days to do so.  If I have to call in for some reason, don’t put me on hold for 15-20 minutes.  Oh, and don’t even TRY to sell me a hard drive with a brand name of Koshokitikasho or anything remotely close to that.  Why would you try and do that to me?  Why?


One Response to “I’m done with Geeks.com”

  1. gotshoo Says:

    ZipZoomFly or NewEgg.

    ZipZoomFly has free 2 day shipping.

    New Egg has customer reviews.

    Never had a problem with either of them.

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