Eventful.com Adds Support for Google Calendar

The parent company of Eventful.com, EVDB, has released a new option to allow Eventful events to be exported to a user’s Gmail calendar.  If you’ll recall, it was only one week after Google released their new Calendar application that they also released an API for the Calendar.  EVDB is one of the first few companies to apply elements of the Calendar API into a major site.  From the Eventful company blog:

“As you surf around Eventful.com and find events you’re really interested in, wherever you see a plus button or a plus-minus button,
on event detail pages, event search results, and various other places
on the site, you’ll now be able to export to Google Calendar via those

When you click on the button, you’ll get a little panel popping
up on the page, and at the bottom of the panel, you’ll see a set of
links for exporting the selected event to remote calendars, now
including Google Calendar. Of course, you’ll need an account with
Google to have a Google Calendar and as with the other services it’ll
ask you to sign in first if necessary.”

Eventful.com also has export options for the Yahoo! Calendar, Rabble, and even Outlook.

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