Install the Windows Vista Sidebar on XP…Easily!

MSTN has put together a nice executable package by which you can install the infamous Sidebar built into the next generation Windows operating system: Vista. There have been hacks for some time now but they all require you to download various files from various sources and assemble them together yourself. This should be useful for quite a few people out there anxious to get a taste of Vista.

In older (i.e., two days ago) related news, the 4th version of the Vista Transormation pack has been released. Experience various graphical and functional elements of Vista on Windows XP. (If someone can tell us how to get Vista's new Start Menu with Programs search, we'd love you forever. We promise.)

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2 Responses to “Install the Windows Vista Sidebar on XP…Easily!”

  1. iansuri Says:

    The 4th? Wont they ever quit. sheesh.

    So, how’s life? it’s the guy from the betaSuri stream, well, now it’s “ian|suri”, in case you forgot.

  2. yupyup Says:

    I have created the new Vista Transformation Pack wich I can finally say has Vista’s new start menu with programs search!!!

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