The Featured Program for June 2006: Launchy

This month’s featured program, Launchy, has saved me a ridiculous amount of time over the last couple of months. According to it’s creator, Launchy is “free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.” Basically, the program provides you with a search-as-you-type box (I’m always a big fan of those) accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut (Alt+Space by default) from which you can find shortcuts to programs in your Start Menu or or even documents that you’ve chosen to index via the program’s preferences.  (i.e., “My Documents.”)

As I already specified, the box features search-as-you-type results which are lightning-fast.  I have a tendency to run one gazillion applications at a time so pulling up my XP Start Menu to view a list of available programs has a tendency to take a while hence the “ridiculous amount of time” it’s saved me.  Alt+Space > type a few letters > done. 

The Basics

You can find it at The current version is 0.9.3. Support forums are located here (at Sourceforge.)  Launchy is skinnable and is an open-source project.

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