A Slight Change in Google's Reader Interface

The viewing of Subscriptions and Labels in Google’s feed reader application are now by drop down menus as opposed to the colored AJAXy sections that used to appear as if from nowhere.  Overall, a very small update to an application that I used to hate but now can’t live without… and it’ll happen to you too. 

Now, if only they’d allow me to expand the topic listing on the left so I can make it quite a bit wider.  I can’t tell what the crap I’m scrolling through the majority of the time.

Update: Download Squad also points out that Reader now has an entire “settings” section from which you can manage your subscriptions (make public/private, rename, etc.) and labels as well as review import/export options (OPML only.)  You can also disable animation from within the program…which is great if you get sick and tired of the cutesy folding and unfolding of menus and the slow scrolling through the topics list.

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