Flock Memory Usage – It's a Problem

I don’t have time to make this stuff up, people.

I left Flock running last night at around 7:30pm.  I went back to it at about 7:30am and here’s where it was.  I was doing absolutely NOTHING extraordinary at the time…there were no videos running, no games being played, etc.  Oy vey.


3 Responses to “Flock Memory Usage – It's a Problem”

  1. antonio Says:

    dude… i use the newest flock, no extensions and no matter what i do it usually never goes over 40, 000K..

  2. Croila Says:

    Hmm. I’m in exactly the same position with regard to Flock’s memory usage. I imported all the extensions I was using in Firefox, and whilst Firefox runs absolutely fine, Flock is totally dying under the weight of them. And it’s not even like I have THAT many! I really like Flock but after having it open for a little while, it runs like a snail on tranquilisers so I’m none too pleased.

  3. something Says:

    antonio – I only wish I could say the same. For me, Flock never goes uses anything UNDER 40K. Croila – glad to hear I’m still not the only one. This seems to be a frequent problem for a lot of people. (Loved the snail on tranquilizers bit…I’m gonna have to put that in the arsenal.)

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