Gizmodo has an extremely informative update on Microsoft’s attempt to knock the sucktacular iTunes/iPod off of its’ huge throne: Zune.

Supposedly featuring support for WiFi and gaming, the Zune player and as-yet-untitled music store should be a welcome entry to this underwhelming market.  Granted, I think I thought the same thing about URGE (from Microsoft & MTV.)  I love the subscription service options that both Napster and URGE (as well as Rhapsody and others) offer but Pixar’s Cars movie was compiled in less of an amount of time than it takes me to navigate the URGE store and Napster’s player is one of the buggiest programs I think I’ve ever played with.

Here’s hoping that the Zune move works because if I see someone else buy an iPod because it’s “cool” – I may just have to take a flying leap out of my office.


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