Kiko is for Sale. Buy Kiko.

The makers of this online calendar app Kiko have decided to hand things over to someone else…someone willing to shell out $50K.  This comes as upsetting news as I had started using the application earlier this year and came to really love it.  I certainly hope development continues and I also look forward to seeing what the developers have in store for us next.

The eBay link above basically states that, for $50K, you’ll get the Web site, the domain, and the software behind Kiko.  And, for an extra $1,500, you can have the development team fly out to where you are for five business days to aid you in setting up the Kiko application into a new or existing project.  Not a bad deal.

Just imagine how many times you’d get to say “Kiko” if you bought it.  C’mon…do it.  You know you want to.

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2 Responses to “Kiko is for Sale. Buy Kiko.”

  1. newmw Says:

    Selling your page on eBay, hmm, it just seems a bit unprofessional. But maybe I’ll have a go at it 😉 I was surprised to find more websites on sale at Ebay (

  2. something Says:

    Thanks for the link, newmw. I suppose that selling your biz on eBay might not be the MOST professional way to approach a sale but I’d say if you’re selling your business to begin with, that’s the least of your concerns.

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