A Screenshot A Day: Windows Vista: 2006-09-18

Today, we’ll be looking at the new Windows Vista Start Menu. Definitely one of our favorite new features about the next-generation OS, the new Start Menu now allows for instant search of not only program shortcuts within the menu itself but also of your entire computer. As you’ll notice in the screenshot, the Start Menu now contains a search box which features search-as-you-type technology we all know and love. As you can see, typing “Live” into the menu instantly gives us related programs, internet shortcuts, e-mails, and more. We’re quite fond of the fact that we can do a desktop search just by hitting the Start key of our keyboard, typing, and hitting Enter (or arrowing up and down). Finding pretty much anything on our computer is literally a two-second process now. Be sure and checkout the screenshot below to see it in action.

Here at Fans of Tech, we’re testing out using Picasa Web Albumsto host these and other images for our readers. If you’re new to PicasaWeb Albums, please check out the graphic below before clicking on theScreenshot of the Day.

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