Google Reader Launches New Interface

Google has decided to COMPLETELY change the interface of their online RSS reader application.  The “new and exciting” changes, as listed on the Reader home page and on the Official Google Reader Blog, are:

  • Expanded view and list view
  • Simplified sharing functionality
  • Improved read-state management
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Unread counts
  • Mark all as read
  • and a bunch more…

To be perfectly frank, I was actually a big fan of the old interface and the only suggestion I had ever submitted to Google was to be able to customize the length of the “reading list.”  Regardless, check out the new version at

Update: Okay, we posted this about a half hour ago but I’m already a very big fan of the new Google Reader…it’s a HUGE improvement over the old interface.  The infinite scrolling in list view is extremely similar to your Gmail inbox.  Each list item shows where the post came from, the title, a snippet of the post, and the time it was posted.

Another new feature is the addition of a few different bookmarklets which you can put in the Links toolbar of Firefox or IE.  The “Next…” bookmarklet is for navigating through your Reader feeds without even being inside the application.  The “Subscribe…” bookmarklet does as you might expect…it allows you to subscribe to any feed of a page you are viewing.

Also, many more keyboard shortcuts have been added – it would actually be extremely easy to navigate this entire site without even thinking about touching your mouse.

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