Adobe Releases New Labs Project: Kuler

Adobe Labs has released a new project on their “Labs” testing site.  Going by the name “Kuler,” the project “helps you explore, create and share color themes for your Web pages, design projects and other creative work.”

Based on Flash (requiring Flash Player 9,) the online application provides a way for designers to collaborate on various color themes.  You can view other users’ themes and download them (or your own) for use in the Creative Suite 2 applications.

Feedback is being taken via a forum which already has 55 users logged as I’m writing this.

There seems to be a new energy slowly creeping it’s way through the halls of Adobe since the Macromedia acquisition.  The company seems to be more open to beta testing new products and it appears as though they’ve become more receptive to using non-proprietary technology in some of their more recent online ventures.  It’s refreshing to say the least.

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