The Week in Review: 2006-01-07: Zune

That’s it for now but something tells me that, with the Consumer Electronics Show* going on this week, we’ll be posting more Zune news soon.

*I highly recommend checking out Gizmodo for up-to-date complete coverage/live-blogging of CES happenings.


What Would Happen if Microsoft Packaged an iPod

Only a true geek can appreciate something this beautiful.

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Open Source Project GnuCash Released for Windows provided word today that the popular personal and small business accounting software application, GnuCash, is being released to the Windows platform having only previously been available for the Linux and Mac platforms.  They are stressing that this latest version for Windows is still very much preliminary and users will most likely encounter various bugs until a stable version is released at a later date.  The binaries are currently available for download at SourceForge:

Search Your RSS Feeds

Sick of not being able to search your the RSS feeds in your online/offline reader application?  Download Squad (by way of Google Operating System) points out one very easy alternative to waiting day and night for search functionality to automagically appear in your favorite reader app: create a Google Co-Op personalized search engine by uploading your OPML file of subscribed feeds.

It’s simple!  Just use your favorite RSS reader application to export an OPML list of your subscriptions.  Then, create a personalized search engine at Google Co-Op.  Once you’ve completed the setup, go into your search engine control panel and upload the OPML file that you downloaded in that first step.

What Happened to Google Pack?

We just noticed that Google Pack seems to have lost quite alot of weight as of late.  (It’s fun to rhyme.)  The only pieces of software showing up in the Pack are Google Desktop, Picasa and Skype.  Three items.  ‘Tis all.  There doesn’t seem to be any remnants of AdAware, Norton A/V, Firefox, Google Earth, Adobe Reader, and all the others.

If you’ll recall, Google introduced the “simple, essential, customizable” software pack, consisting of extremely popular software titles in all areas of computing (anti-virus, photo-editing, voice-over-IP, etc.,) nearly one year ago to the day…at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show.  Could this be a sign of a major change in store for the 2007 CES show beginning on January 8th?