Firefox 2.0 RC1 Available for Download

The first release candidate for Firefox 2.0 is available for download.

Why are you still here?


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The Week in Review: 2006-06-12: Mozilla

Google Browser Sync
Google has released an official Firefox extension to be used as a tool for synchronizing the following Firefox profile aspects: Cookies, Saved Passwords, Bookmarks, History, as well as your last active session's open Tabs and Windows. This thing is going to save me and a lot of other people some serious time. Now, if only they'll synchronize extensions…

(The extension seems to be working perfectly even in Flock. However, I'm not entirely sure the browsing history is being synced. That's possibly because of the way Flock stores its' browsing history…I believe it's different than Firefox.)

Firefox 3.0 Will Not Be Supported for Windows 98, ME Users
The Mozilla Foundation has publicly stated that the 3rd generation of the Firefox browser will no longer support these two elderly operating systems. Despite the negative reaction from some people, I have to agree. Why support an OS that Microsoft itself isn't even supporting anymore? I'd rather see Mozilla spend their time on newer, much-needed features than trying to make sure the browser is compatible on one operating system that's nearly 10 years old and another that's considered by most to be one of the worst tech products of all time.


Yahoo Launches Custom IE7
Customized by the Internet Explorer Administration Kit, Yahoo has launched their own version of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 featuring the Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Mail integration.

"This might be their way to take on Google’s collaboration with Mozilla Firefox browser and Microsoft’s integration of IE7 in the upcoming Vista operating system."

Gee…ya think?


Firefox 1.5 is Officially Released

After alpha test upon alpha test upon release candidate upon release candidate…Mozilla has finally released a well…final version of Firefox 1.5 You can download it here and, while you’re there, check out the new Firefox homepage and “Add-ons” section.