V4S, Free Web Voice Messaging from Orb Networks

V4S is a new product from Orb Networks which allows users of the product to send voice messages to family and friends from within a Web browser or directly from within the Skype interface. Notifications of new messages can be received by e-mail or SMS and thus can be played wherever you’re at. The product is free and so it already beats Skype’s Voicemail product, in my humble opinion. Courtesy of their FAQ page, here’s some technical specs that you may have been wondering about:

You can listen to your messages on ANY Web-connected device with a streaming audio player (e.g. Windows, Real, QuickTime, MPlayer, mobile 3gp player supporting the streaming of .sdp files, etc.).

This means you can listen to your messages – without having to download ANYTHING onto these devices:

  • Windows PCs
  • Macs
  • Linux devices
  • Mobile phones (works great on Nokia Series 60 and Windows Smartphones)
  • PocketPCs (PalmOS devices do not yet have a streaming audio player)

Skype 2.0 BETA is here…

I found an article this morning at the Chicago Tribune stating that Skype will be releasing a BETA version of version 2.0 sometime today.  Sure enough, they weren’t lying.  (You never can tell with that Chicago Tribune……just kidding.)  2.0 is available for download now and you can find all of the new features and changes in the official Skype changelog.